The SLIS-L list-serv is a vital part of the SLIS experience. Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of SLIS use SLIS-L to communicate with one another. Class cancellations, building closures, party invitations, job notices, and other critical information is shared via SLIS-L.

To read or post messages on SLIS-L, you must subscribe to the list. Don’t worry, membership is free, and joining is very simple!

Subscribe to SLIS-L

To subscribe to SLIS-L, simply send an email to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UA.EDU with blank subject and in the body of the email write:


Completing your Subscription: “Confirmation”

You must confirm your subscription request in order to complete your subscription.

To do this, simply check your email. You will receive a “command confirmation request” message shortly. Simply click on the link in the email, and it will take you to a web page where you can confirm your subscription.

Receiving SLIS-L Postings

Once you have subscribed, just check the email account you used to subscribe in order to receive SLIS-L postings in your mailbox.

Posting Messages

If you want to submit a posting to SLIS-L, simply enter this address in the ‘to:’ line: “”.

SLIS-L Archive

What if you want to catch up on the conversations that occurred before you joined SLIS-L? Or, you realize you deleted a SLIS-L message that you really wanted?

Not to worry! Just go to the SLIS-L archive at

Canceling your subscription to SLIS-L

To un-subscribe to Slis-L, simply send an email to: SLIS-L-signoff-request@LISTSERV.UA.EDU with blank subject and in the body of the email write: