MLIS Admission Requirements

Students may be admitted to the School of Library and Information Studies without condition (regular admission) or with academic conditions imposed. The MLIS  program is selective, and does not admit every applicant. Applications are considered holistically, so no single factor determines acceptance to the program.

For Fall 2020, February 1 is the priority deadline for applicants seeking assistantships. We accept applications until June 1 or until the incoming class is full.  We are no longer accepting applications for fall 2019.  We have reached maximum enrollment.

Regular Admission Requirements

An applicant whose credentials meet the following minimum requirements may be considered for regular admission:

  • A grade point average of at least 3.0 overall for the last 60 semester hours in a degree program, based on a 4.0 system AND
  • An acceptable score on one entrance examination (minimum test scores: 300 on the GRE or a score at the 50th percentile on the MAT) OR
  • A prior graduate degree completed within the last five years OR
  • Five years of demonstrated experience in the field

Information about the GRE is available from the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 08540. The MAT is given by the testing service of most colleges and universities and may be taken by appointment. Applicants should plan well in advance so that examination results are available when needed to support an application for admission.

An application consists of the following items:

  • Application Form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Application Fee
  • Transcripts
  • Admissions Test Scores
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation; for applicants who have been in school in the last 5 years, at least two (2) letters must be academic references.

Braille editions of the GRE and the MAT can be obtained from:

The University of Alabama
Test Service
Box 870108
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0108.

For further information and to submit an application, go to the Graduate Application Center online.

Exceptions to Admissions Policy

Under exceptional circumstances, an applicant may be considered for admission if he or she meets either the GPA requirement for regular admission (GPA of 3.0) or the entrance exam score requirement as outlined above. If such an applicant is admitted, he or she will need to obtain permission to continue in the program, after the first 12 semester hours of graduate-level work have been completed. Permission to continue is earned by achieving a GPA of “B” or better (3.0) in the first 12 semester hours. If the 12 hours are completed in a term in which the total credits exceed 12, the evaluation is made on the basis of all graduate-level work completed at the end of that term of enrollment. Students admitted under this circumstance who do not meet the 3.0 requirement after their first 12 hours of graduate-level work will not receive permission to continue in their graduate program, and will be dropped from the program.

Additional Information

Application Status

You can check the status of your application online by entering the requested information here.

Deferring Acceptance

You may defer your admission to the MLIS program for up to one year. However, if you have been accepted to an online cohort, you will have to compete again the following year to be selected for a seat in the cohort.

I’m Accepted! What’s Next?

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with their faculty advisor regarding course selection. Face to face students are not permitted to register for online required courses, but may register for online electives.

All MLIS students who enroll in Fall 2019 or later must complete, as part of the minimum 36 hours, the following 9 hours of required courses in the first two semesters of enrollment.

  • LS 500 Information and Media
  • LS 501 Information in Communities
  • LS 513 Professional Paths

All MLIS students enrolled prior to Fall 2019 must complete, as part of the minimum 36 hours, the following 18 hours of required courses:

  • LS 500 Organization of Information
  • LS 501 Introduction to Library and Information Studies
  • LS 502 Research Methods
  • LS 507 Information Sources and Services
  • LS 560 Information Technologies

And one of the following:

  • LS 508 Administration and Management
  • LS 530 Public Libraries
  • LS 531 Academic Libraries
  • LS 532 School Media Centers
  • LS 533 Special Libraries and Information Centers

Students are advised to schedule core courses first whenever possible.

Pay Tuition

Tuition is payable online. Log in to myBama and select the “student” tab. In the upper left corner, find “Banner Self Services.” Select “Student Services,” then select “Student Receivables” to find payment options.


Information about orientation will be included with your acceptance letter. Please contact the SLIS office for specific date/time/location information.