I am interested in an internship. What do I need to do?

The first thing you need to do is contact your advisor. He/She will determine if you are academically prepared to undertake a successful internship. Obtaining an internship is a privilege, not a right. Once they approve, you must complete a “Request for Internship” form. Submit the completed form to your advisor.

When should I begin planning my internship?

Prospective interns should begin making arrangements a semester before intended internship. You must make arrangements for an international internship at least two semesters in advance.

What should I consider when planning for an internship?

Here are several things to think about when planning for your internship:
  • Are you willing to relocate for the internship? If not, what is available in your geographic location? Would you prefer a virtual internship?
  • What type of internship are you interested in: public, school, special, academic, international, archives, etc.?
  • Do you have a particular institution in mind for your internship?
  • What are your interests?

The answers to these questions will allow the internship coordinator to arrange an internship that will complement your interests and needs.

Who coordinates internships for the SLIS program?

General internships (LS 570) are arranged by Professor Sybil H. Bullock. A general internship, not for Class A certification, may be done at a school media center as part of the internship program.

Internship Coordinator
Sybil H. Bullock
Email: bullo006@slis.ua.edu
Phone: 205.994.1465 (Cell)
Fax: 205.348.3746
Office Hours: Thursday afternoon; Friday
Contact by email for appointment.

All school media internships that are part of the School Media Specialist program resulting in Class A Certification (LS 572) are arranged by Dr. Steven Yates due to the very specific requirements of this program.

Coordinator of the School Media Program
Dr. Steven Yates
Email: steven.d.yates@ua.edu
Phone: 205.348.1520
Fax: 205.348.3746
Office: Room 526c, Gorgas Library

May I do an internship my first semester?

It is not recommended, and you should have completed all core subjects prior to requesting an internship experience. Consult your advisor if you have questions.

What are the hour requirements for internships?

Interns are required to work one hundred fifty hours of meaningful work to earn 3 hours of course credit or one hundred hours for 2 hours of course credit. School media internships (LS 572) that are part of the School Media Specialist program resulting in Class A certification have different requirements. Contact Dr. Steven Yates for information on this type of School Media Center internship.

How will I be graded?

Interns are responsible for maintaining a journal of their internship activities and a log of hours worked. The intern will submit this journal, along with a two-to three-page paper detailing the experience of the internship, to the internship coordinator upon completion of the internship. The host supervisor will submit an evaluation of the intern’s work. The internship coordinator will then issue a pass/fail grade based on the intern’s written work, the host supervisor’s evaluation, and the coordinator’s observations.

May I keep a blog for my internship journal?

A blog cannot replace a journal. Interns may create a blog and use the same information; however, the student must submit a separate journal to the intern coordinator at the completion of the internship.

May I get paid for my internship?

Yes, you can be paid for your internship.  Arrangements for pay are negotiated between the student and the host site.  Paid internships are subject to the same requirements for completion as unpaid internships, including responsibilities for the host site.

May I participate in more than one internship per semester?

You may participate in no more than two internships per semester. Contact your advisor for special registration details and for information on the 9-hour rule.

May I spread my internship out over two semesters?

No, you must complete all internship hours during the semester in which you are registered.