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Congratulations, UA SLIS, on Recent ALA Reaccreditation!

At the 2017 Annual Conference in Chicago, the American Library Association’s Committee on Accreditation (COA) voted to continue accreditation of the University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies’ Masters Degree in Library and Information Studies through 2024. This is exciting news for both faculty and students of the SLIS Master’s Degree program, as well as the UA College of Communications and Information Sciences.  

 For the past year, UA SLIS has undergone a comprehensive accreditation review of the MLIS program.  SLIS faculty and staff prepared a thorough self-study in preparation for an evaluation visit by an External Review Panel (ERP). “In the spirit of continuous improvement, the accreditation process involves the strategic assessment and evaluation of a program as well as the enhancement of program operations,” stated Dr. Ann Prentice, Interim Director of SLIS.  

 The American Library Association Committee on Accreditation (COA) is responsible for “the execution of the accreditation program of ALA, and to develop and formulate standards of education for library and information studies for the approval of council (ALA, 2017).” The COA develops standards for accreditation through a consensus-building process that involves various communities of interest, including educators, students, and professionals in library and information studies. Throughout the standards-development process, the COA seeks, receives, and uses comments and suggestions from library and information studies communities in both the United States and Canada (ALA, 2017). 

 As part of the mission to develop and formulate standards of education for library and information studies, the COA reviews the Standards for Accreditation of Master’s Programs in Library and Information Studies on an ongoing basis. The 2015 Standards were adopted by approval of the Council of the American Library Association on February 2, 2015. 

 Congratulations, UA SLIS, on this momentous accomplishment of reaccreditation for the MLIS program through 2024! 


SLIS Welcomes 13th National Online MLIS Cohort

The faculty and staff of SLIS, along with our partners in the College of Communication and Information Sciences, welcomed our thirteenth national online cohort last week.

The three-day, intensive orientation gave students an opportunity to meet the faculty, bond with one another, and learn more about their chosen program and university. By all accounts, this year’s orientation was a success.  It is a SLIS tradition that incoming cohorts choose their own collective name. This year is if our pleasure to introduce you to the newest cohort, “Thirteen Going on Nerdy.” 

Dr. Laurie Bonnici and Dr. Jinxuan Ma (Emporia State University)

Dr. Laurie Bonnici and Dr. Jinxuan Ma (Emporia State University) have had a co-authored book chapter accepted for publication in Social tagging for linked data across environments, L. Spiteri and D. Rasmussen Pennington, 

 eds., London, UK: Facet. The chapter is titled “A Content Analysis of Hashtag Usage in Two Facebook Groups.” 

Dr. Laurie Bonnici has had a paper accepted

Dr. Laurie Bonnici has had a paper accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Document Academy DOCAM 2017 to be held in Bloomington, Indiana on September 29-30, 2017. “Finding quality in an s-town of documents.” The paper proposes the concept of witness marks as identifiers of quality information in online social media opinion posts.

Dr. Laurie Bonnici and SLIS Alum Dr. Jackie Brodsky

Dr. Laurie Bonnici and SLIS Alum Dr. Jackie Brodsky have had a paper accepted for presentation at the upcoming Engagement Scholarship Consortium (ESC) conference to be held in Birmingham, Alabama. They will be presenting Program Enrichment: A Tide Pool of Shared Experiences.” The research seeks longitudinal feedback from SLIS alumni who were Fellows in Project ALFA studying technology accessibility for information access.  The study seeks to identify best practices for technology and social media accessibility learned in the field 4-5 years post-matriculation.