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Carol Barton

Carol Barton, the Pop-up Queen, is interviewed by Steve Miller on July 15, 2009 at the Wells Book Arts Summer Institute, where she taught Paper Engineering and Sculptural Books. She reveals the secrets of the US Patent Office. She is the author of The Poc.

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Kyle Schlesinger

Kyle Schlesinger teaches book publishing and history of the book at the University of Houston where he will produce the Fiction Collective 2 journal with students. Form is never more than an extension of content. Words have feelings too. An interview by Steve.

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Peter Verheyen

Peter Verheyen is Head of Conservation and Preservation at Syracuse University Libraries and the creator of Book_Arts-L, an online community that speaks to the whole spectrum of people involved in the book arts, and co-creator of Bonefolder, the online jo

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Emily Martin


An interview by Steve Miller with Iowa book artist Emily Martin of Naughty Dog Press, during The Hybrid Book: Intersection and Intermedia held in Philadelphia, June 5, 2009. Choosing one thing doesn’t rule out the other. Music Dark River Tribe by Dubtrak.

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