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Mary Uthuppuru


Mary Uthuppuru is a private practice bookbinder and book artist from Bloomington, Indiana, in this May 25, 2015 interview with Steve Miller. She taught Boxmaking For Book Artists at Paper and Book Intensive. Mary claims paper will outlast any hard drive. The track, untold, is by Ketsa and from the album Aquarius Unfolds.

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Shannon Brock

Shannon Brock is interviewed on May 25, 2015 by Steve Miller at Paper and Book Intensive. She is the Artistic Director of Carriage House Paper. She speaks about creating pulp paintings with veils of pigmented cotton fiber over base sheets of overeaten abaca or flax.

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Tate Shaw

Interviewed by Steve Miller on May 23, 2015, Tate Shaw is Director of Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. VSW includes a non-profit artist space. He is interested in adding a critical voice plus artistic content to his book work. Ophelia¹s Song is by Musetta.

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Sarah Bryant


An August 27, 2014 interview by Steve Miller with book artist Sarah Bryant, during a letterpress pressure printing workshop she led at The University of Alabama. She was a Victor Hammer Fellow Wells College, and is engaged in Shiftlab collaborations. In 2011 her book BIOGRAPHY won the Minnesota Prize. Music is Neuron Fire by akustikfilm.


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