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Tom Trusky


As director of the Idaho Center for the Book and professor of English at Boise State University, Tom Trusky promotes book arts and book arts education in Idaho. The book as control and consolation, with a piece Metamorphosis by

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Paul Wong


Dieu Donne, founded in New York City in 1976 and dedicated to the creation, promotion and preservation of contemporary art in the hand papermaking process, has as its artistic director Paul Wong. He discusses its history and his life in papermaking on September 17th.

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Rich Hopkins


Rich Hopkins of Hill and Dale Private Press and Typefoundry in Terra Alta, West Virginia, fell in love with letterpress printing in high school and hasn’t quit. He became intrigued with the Monotype composition caster and founded Monotype U. An August 10,

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The Bread Oven


Slightly off topic, Steve Miller is sitting cross-legged in front of the clay brick baking oven at OxBow 5am May 26, 2007, feeding logs to a fire to bake sourdough bread with Jon Hook, for breakfast at Paper and Book Intensive. He relives his formative days.

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