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John Cutrone and Seth Thompson


A Jan 10, 2009 interview with John Cutrone and Seth Thompson of Convivio bookworks in Lake Worth, Florida, talk about a new book by Madam X, and their work at Florida Atlantic University and the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. Music is Warm by all india radio.

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Denise Bookwalter


Denise Bookwalter teaches printmaking at Florida State University where she is involved with founding the Small Craft Advisory Press and is filled with hopes, dreams, and plans in this January 9, 2009 interview. Sounds of the Dawn is by Alexandre Falcoa.

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Timothy Barrett


Over a greasy spoon breakfast on January 10, 2009 Timothy Barrett, Director of the Oakdale Paper Facility at University of Iowa Center for the Book discusses analysis of 1500 book papers made between the 14th and the 18th centuries. Is gelatin the missing sec

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Charles Hobson


In this January 8, 2009 interview with Charles Hobson, he speaks about his new book ANCIENT MARINER by Roger Angel, Google Earth, Chronicle Books, landing patterns, and RICEBOY SLEEPS. Prepare to be entranced with new music entitled HAPPINESS by Jón Thor

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