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Rory Sparks


Rory Sparks taught a drumleaf and stiff leaf binding class at the Penland School of Crafts, and speaks from the perspective of a bookbinder who works with the technical side of binding structures. She founded EM Space collective in Portland, OR.

Books boomerang with the digital age and strengthens experiential reading. What is synesthesia? Where is EM-Space? Music is Global Noize by Dar’Abesque.

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Colette Fu


In this interview with Philadelphia book artist Colette Fu, Steve Miller talks with her about being taken to the woodshed, making popup books from her photographs, art and fear in art making, and ethnicity. Music Cynics Recourse is by Atlas Sound.

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Martha Kearsley


An interview by Steve Miller with book maker and bookbinder Martha Kearsley. She is the proprietor of Strong Arm Bindery in Portland, Maine, and taught a class entitled Field and Sketch Books at Paper and Book Intensive. Music is La Luna from Bedroom Databank Vol.2 by Atlas Sound.

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Adam Larsson

Adam Larsson is the bookbinder at Uppsala University Library, Cultural Heritage Division, in Uppsala, Sweden. The interview was by Steve Miller on May 24, 2015 at Paper and Book Intensive. He could have been a biker, he could have been a punk, a photographer, and he became a bookbinder. Music is Postcard by Atlas Sound, from the album Bedroom Databank Vol. 1.

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Kevin Steele

This is a May 27, 2015 interview with book artist and designer Kevin Steele. He taught the a Multi-Accordion class at Paper and Book Intensive. He own work is inspired by movable books beginning in the 12th- and 13th-century. He describes that making of a complex nautical book in the shape of the compass rose. The music myarms is by Ketsa from the album Aquarius Unfolds.

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