UA Hosts Inaugural Joint Archival Studies Research Forum with the University of Southern Mississippi

UA SLIS and the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) held its first ever joint Archival Studies Research Forum on October 22nd. The goal of this collaboration is to promote and support student and faculty collaborations between the two universities. There were two papers presented at this forum, one from each university. From UA SLIS, presenters were Valeria Dávila and Laura Daly on “Archives and Communities Podcast: Past and Future. Valeria served as president of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) student chapter from 2020-2021 and Laura Daly is the current president of the chapter. From Southern Mississippi, Rori Holford presented “Memory and Disruption of the Race Discrimination System in African American Cemeteries.” The Forum was organized by Dr. Robert “Bob” Riter, coordinator of UA’s Archival Studies program, and SLIS alumus Dr. Jeff Hirschy, coordinator of USM’s Archival Studies program. The Archival Studies Program within SLIS is looking forward to collaborating with other programs in the future and having more joint forums to promote student and faculty research.

UA Student Presents at Research Forum
UA SLIS student Valeria Dávila presents at the UA/USM Joint Archival Studies Research Forum