Revival of The Alabama Librarian

Recently, the Alabama Library Association revived its official publication, The Alabama Librarian. The latest issue was released this spring and several SLIS alumni are a part of the editorial board, including M. Delores Carlito (University of Alabama at Birmingham, Professor and Head of the Mervyn H. Sterne Library Department of Research and Learning), Jessica Hayes (Auburn University at Montgomery, Head of Public Services Librarian), Peggy Kain (University of Alabama at Birmingham, Associate Professor and Head of Resource Acquisition & Discovery), Lori Northrup (Samford University, Associate Dean and Chair of Collection Management/Acquisitions), Laura Pitts (Scottsboro Public Library, Director), Jessica E. Platt (Alabama State University Levi Watkins Learning Center, Education Doctoral Librarian), and Jodi Poe (Jacksonville State University, Head of Technical Services). The publication can be accessed through this link. There has also been a call for articles to be published in future issues, and the contact information is listed on the publication’s website as well. We are thrilled to have thoughtful and engaged SLIS alumni to promote healthy discourse and shed light on issues librarians face across the Yellowhammer state.