Faculty Spotlight – January 2021

Happy New Year! We are excited to usher in a new beginning after the rollercoaster of 2020. Several faculty members at SLIS have recent publications to celebrate.

Dr. Bharat Mehra published several chapters with multiple co-authors. Dr. Mehra and Communication and Information Sciences doctoral student Baheya Jaber published a “Opioid Consumer Health Information Literacies (o-CHIL) in Alabama’s Public Libraries: An Exploratory Website Content Analysis” in Roles and Responsibilities of Libraries in Increasing Consumer Health Literacy and Reducing Health Disparities (Advances in Librarianship Series, Volume 48). It was edited by Beth St. Jean, Gagan Jindal, Yuting Liao, and Paul T. Jaeger. Another chapter Dr. Mehra co-authored with Joseph Winberry that was recently published is “The Ivory Tower’s Gray Library: Evaluating Services for Older Adult Students in Academic Libraries” in Underserved Patrons in University Libraries: Assisting Students Facing Trauma, Abuse, and Discrimination. It was edited by Julia Skinner and Melissa Gross. Dr. Mehra and Keren Dali published a chapter, “Extending the Framework for the Benefit of Praxis: A Strategic Literacy-Based Approach to Diversity Education (SLADE)” in The Information Literacy Framework: Case Studies of Successful Implementation (Association for Library and Information Science Education Book Series), edited by Heidi Julien, Melissa Gross, and Don Latham.

Dr. Jamie C. Naidoo had two publications released since December – a book chapter and a peer-reviewed article co-authored with current SLIS student Kaitlyn Lynch. The book chapter is a part of a larger work, Serving Rainbow Families in School Libraries. Dr. Naidoo’s co-authored article has been published in Bookbird: A Journal of International Children’s Literature and is titled “Global Rainbow Families: Examining Visual Depictions of Same-Sex Couples in International Picturebooks.” Their article “provides insight into how children’s books from specific countries depict physical contact between same-sex couples in picturebook illustrations and how this may influence understanding of LGBTQ+ families.” A link to this article can be found here.

Dr. Miriam Sweeney had an article published, titled “Alexa, Are You Listening? An Exploration of Smart Voice Assistant Use and Privacy in Libraries,” and can be found in the Information Technologies and Libraries journal. Co-authored with recent SLIS graduate Emma Davis (MLIS, 2020), the article explores the use of library voice assistants and the threat this technology poses to data privacy of patrons. A link to their article can be found here.

Congratulations to our faculty members!