Student Spotlight – September 2020

At UA SLIS, it is always exciting when current students have scholarly work published and presented in academic venues. Two current MLIS students, Laura Langberg and Tara Peace, have both recently had their work from previous classes published. MLIS student Valeria Dávila Gronros recently presented at a virtual summit convened by the Library of Congress.

Laura’s article was recently published in the Serials Librarian. Titled ” Espaanol & Inglaes: Reinforcing English Hegemony in Library Information Systems,” her work was originally written for Dr. Sweeney’s class on Race, Gender and Sexuality in Fall 2019. Laura’s article “investigates the ways in which libraries codify and replicate English-centric practices by exploring encoding and acquisitions to begin to uncover for whom libraries are meant to serve through a qualitative literature analysis.” Langberg’s article can be found here.

Tara’s article was published on the Library History Round Table News and Notes website, the blog of the Library History Round Table of the American Library Association. Her work was written for Dr. Steven Yates’s class, Information in Communities, in Fall 2019. Tara’s paper, “Librarianship and Neutrality: Thoughts on the Core Values of  Diversity and Social Responsibility” examines neutrality in librarianship and how it interacts with the American Library Association core values of diversity and social responsibility. Peace’s article can be found here.

Valeria Dávila Gronros recently co-presented at the “I\V/A\V: Informal Virtual Audio Visual Summit” online on September 15, 2020. The presentation was centered on accessibility to information and making information more accessible to others. Valeria has participated the “No Time To Wait” symposium and has been translating the content of the symposium’s video recordings to Spanish. The symposium’s video presentations are made available every year through YouTube, and Valeria and her co-presenter Joanna White have both been translating and editing auto-generated caption content by using the “community contributions” tool that YouTube plans to discontinue by September 28, 2020. Valeria and her co-presenter talked about their work and how the move to terminate community contributions might affect people relying on this tool, creating an equity issue. A recording of their presentation can be found here by accessing Session 2 of the I\V/A\V content.

Congratulations to Laura, Tara, and Valeria!