SLIS Faculty Present at Faculty Research Day

Several SLIS faculty presented at the 2020 UA Faculty Research Day. This event is held to display and commend excellence in research, creativity, and scholarship by uniting faculty from across campus. Faculty Research Day is also aimed at increasing awareness of faculty research and to foster enthusiasm among faculty, as the University of Alabama prides itself on being a world-class research institution. Due to the threat of COVID-19, this year’s exhibition was held virtually. Prof. Sarah Bryant, Dr. Steven MacCall, and Dr. Steven Yates were all recipients of Research Grant Committee (RGC) grants that were highlighted in poster presentations.

Prof. Sarah Bryant’s research poster, “Color Cards Artist Book,” received a 2019 RGC grant. The focus of Prof. Bryant’s research was on “the history and binding structures of 20th century color cards, sample books, and mixing guides.” The intent of the research was to “design, print, and bind a limited-edition artist book using the visual and structural formats used in the production of swatch books.” Prof. Bryant’s poster can be viewed here.

Dr. Steven MacCall also won a 2019 RGC grant. Dr. MacCall’s research, “Investigation of a Data-Driven Indexing Method for Multimedia Asset Collection in Sports: Phase I: How Much Data Can Be Recovered from Alabama Football History?,” aimed at “contributing to the development of a data-driven method for indexing multimedia asset collections documenting sports games by incorporating play-by-play statistical datasets including play data recovered from the historical record.” The purpose of the research was to determine how much data could be recovered from historical data sources of football play-by-play data, specifically from typewritten game logs from the 1992 season and newspaper accounts of games from the 1961 season. Dr. MacCall’s poster can be viewed here.

Dr. Steven Yates received a 2018 RGC grant. Dr. Yates’s poster presentation, titled “School Libraries, Standards, and the Summer Slide: One Public School District’s Approach,” examined the “presence of standards-based activity in the summer library program for an Alabama public school district over time.” The purpose of this research was to “document a public schools system’s school library operations outside of the  school calendar year, specifically during the summer months” and “how a public school system implements the National School Library Standards” per the American Association of School Librarians in 2018. Dr. Yates’s poster can be viewed here.

Congratulations to these faculty members on their research and we are proud to have them represent SLIS so well!