SLIS Students, Faculty, and Alumni Present at 10th Annual Diversity Symposium

SLIS was well represented at the 10th Annual Discerning Diverse Voices Symposium. This symposium featured a number of speakers, on such topics as: diversity and politics, diversity and reputation, and engaging diversity. The theme of this year was sports, with a keynote panel on the activist athlete and a keynote discussion with Justin Ching, founder of j-school. Several SLIS faculty members are members of the College of Communication and Information Studies Diversity Forum.

Many current students shared their research during the symposium. Sammi Bryan presented her paper, “Surviving the Catalog: Organizing and Representing Sexual Trauma and Violence in Public Library Collections.” Yvette Joyner presented her poster, entitled, “Library Relevance Literature and the Digital Divide: Critiquing Future-Proofing Trends for Rural Communities.” Hannah Hurdle presented her poster, “Examining Challenges to Access of Information: Services and Technologies for People with Disabilities.” Chism Lien also presented a poster on “The Representation of Diverse Creators in Art Museums’ Digital Collections.”

Dr. Bharat Mehra, EBSCO Endowed Chair in Social Justice at SLIS, presented during the “Engaging Diversity” panel, which was moderated by Assistant Professor Dr. John Burgess. Dr. Mehra’s paper, “Diversifying Engaged Scholarship to Further Social Justice in the Rural Southern and Central Appalachian Region,” highlighted initiatives implemented in diversifying engaged scholarship in communication and information professions to further social justice and social equity in this region. Assistant Professor Dr. Miriam Sweeney served as a member of the 2019 Symposium Planning Committee.

Several SLIS Alumni also took part in the symposium. Ellie Campbell (MLIS ’14) presented “Tupelo Pride,” a short documentary film about the first ever LBGTQ Pride event held in Tupelo, Mississippi, as part of the “Engaging Diversity” panel. She also presented a paper titled “Promoting Diversity in the Law Library.” Joi Mahand (MLIS ’18) presented her poster, “Black Girl Magic: The Diverse Voices of Black Girls in Children’s and Young Adult Literature.” Michael Fitts (MLIS ’01) and Sylvia McAphee (MLIS ’01) co-presented their research, “3D: Discerning Diversifying Deliberately,” during the poster session as well.

Congratulations to all the participants who represented SLIS at the 10th Annual Discerning Diverse Voices Symposium.

Pictured below (L to R): Current SLIS students Sammi Bryan, Yvette Joyner, Hannah Hurdle, Chism Lien.

Pictured below (L to R): SLIS Professor Dr. Bharat Mehra; SLIS Alumni Ellie Campbell, Joi Mahand, Sylvia McAphee, and Michael Fitts.