SLIS Faculty Affirms of the Value of Diversity and Advocates for Social Justice

You may be aware that a speaker was invited to our campus in mid-April who has been identified as a white nationalist. Such invitations are designed to intimidate marginalized communities and those who work for equality. Although the event has been subsequently canceled, SLIS faculty would like to reaffirm our school’s vision:

SLIS is committed to educate socially responsible information professionals who are prepared to empower diverse populations in a multitude of contexts, communities, and cultures.

This vision is strongly informed by our core professional values that include social responsibility, diversity, and intellectual freedom. Hate speech, or speech that devalues, degrades, or threatens violence towards fellow humans, is in violation of these values. SLIS rejects racism, sexism, heterosexism, xenophobia, along with other forms of oppression.

SLIS pledges to continue cultivating critical and inclusive learning environments. Additionally, we are committed to long-term engagement with social justice education and professional practices.

The SLIS Faculty