SLIS Honors Day 2017

SLIS hosted students, alumni, family, and faculty for Honors Day, on April 6, 2017. This year, SLIS hosted honors day on the 5th Floor, providing an opportunity for guests to tour the newly renovated facilities. Providing the guest keynote speech for the ceremonies were SLIS students Hannah Bowser and Jennifer Fain. Ms. Bowser spoke about her research on archival hidden collections, and Ms. Fain shared her research on ways to improve outreach to undocumented workers in Birmingham, AL.

The following is a list of 2017 Award Recipients:

Bethel Fite Endowed Scholarship
Winifred Lucy

Corr Scholarship
Cristina Castor and Matthew Smith

Faculty Scholar Award, MLIS Program
Hannah Bowser

Florine Oltman Award
Kelly Grove and Baheya Jaber

Raymond F. McLain Book Arts Award
Kyle Clark

Student Paper Award
Hannah Bowser

SAC-Sponsored Teaching Recognition Award
Dr. John Burgess

Please join us in congratulating their accomplishments!